Teen from Italy cums huge load in own mouth

Teen from Italy cums huge load in own mouth. He starts by showing his asshole, licking his own dick tip and then spills his HUGE cumshot on his face.

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I want to drink sperm from teen boys as often as possible, because I love the salty taste of warm white sperm. And they like it too. I had a boy in a cellar last week. I stood on my knees and pulled down his pants, .I. and bended myself forward. Took the .L. big penis head in my .L. mouth, and sucked him.Y. He masturbated .S. fast, and late all his .O.delicious sperm in my mouth.R. It took only 40-50 seconds from .K. we with eachother till he got orgasm. E.Both got what we wanted, I got a lot… Read more »